Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cyberpunk Golf GTI 1:24 mod with LEDs for ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES models

I'm keep working on ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES film project, modding 80s plastic car models to be adaptes as flying cars! As you can read on the official website, the whole project is almost without CGI, but using practical effects and miniature models.
Today I'm showing the "making of" of a Golf GTI 16V! Very 80s....

First of all I drilled holes for the LEDs, 5mm for the front ones, 3mm for the rear ones.

I then sanded the whole body and painted in dark blue metallic.

Here is the body with further details and some dry brush with silver acrylic. As for the whole project, I like a worn, "dirty" effect.

I then smoked the windows, for a more cyber, futuristic effect.

Here's the model with the interior.

I then 3D printed the biggest modification of the car, the engines that makes it fly!

The engines have a hole to house perfectly a 5mm LED.

I then glued my 3D printer mod to the base of the car and dry brushed a bit.

Here is how it looks from the bottom. Pretty cool, uh? "Back to the Future" kind of thing... ;)

Trickiest part, the LEDs wiring.

I used 9 LEDs total, with a switch and powere by a 9V battery. Here the first test on switching it on:

And here the final fancy photos of the car, ready to fly in the sky of Neo-Berlin, 2079 AD!!!

If you like what you see, got inspired or simply wanna help the project, please consider buying me a virtual beer on PayPal.
Please consider this is a zero budget project. Any support (even just a share or a like on the facebook page!) are very very appreciated!

Hear you at the next prop/model!!!

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