Monday, November 21, 2016

Cyber Octopus part 2! - retro futuristic 80s cyberpunk film ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES

Welcome to part 2 of the CYBER OCTOPUS! From this link you can watch the "making of" of part 1.
Basically in this part I dealt with tentacles. The big challenge was to have something movable but sturdy at the same time, to allow easily stop motion or moving the octopus with nylon wires.
Inspired by some online projects, I designed tentacles that are held together with an elastic wire, 5mm thick. The whole printing took lot of time. There are 168 pieces for the tentacles (21x8), and for each tentacle it took approx 8 hours!!

After the first printing, I tested a single tentacle, just to see if it was working... (it was!)

Then I continue the printing... it took me a week more or less, 8 hours a day of printing!

Lot lot lot of pieces...! Then I painted them in black and gold. Again trying to obtain some worn/dirty effect.

Then, like a grandma making a pearl necklace, one by one into the elastic wire, I started to put them in place...

And here is the final Cyber Octopus!!!!

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  1. Just saw that Make: Magazine Editor, Caleb Kraft, noticed your project on Reddit. I would love to see you in the magazine! It's beautiful.

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