Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cyberpunk Flying Model Car Mazda Savanna 1/24 with LED - 80s ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES

For ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES short film (visit the official website for more info), I decided to not use CGI but build instead lot of scale models, as they used to do in the 80s. In the dystopian futuristic city of Neo-Berlin, in 2079, there are retro-futuristic flying cars! So I bought from Japan a bunch of 1/24 plastic car models from the 80s and started to apply some modifications...

Here are the boxes of some of the models, with the Mazda Savanna RX-7 scale 1/24 ready to be assembled (as you can notice there are other amazing cars from the 80s, like the Lamborghini Countach or the Volkswagen Golf!).

First thing I covered the model with gray spray primer.

And painted in dark gray the interior, then assembled...

Here's the car painted black with the interior.

I then applied some silver acrylic strokes with a dry brush, to give the car a worn feeling. I like the models and props of this film to have a rusty/used mood...

Since the car is a flying car... there are no wheels! But some special engines that I designed myself with a 3D software, then 3D printed and painted... I also cut and sanded some thin acrylic sheet to diffuse the LEDs light.

This little add-on is mounted where the wheels are suppose to be:

 I also smoked/darkened the windows to have a more futuristic look.

This little guy here that looks like Han Solo in carbonite, is gonna be the driver.

After the model was ready in all his parts, the harder challenge was to insert led lights. I started first soldering, then applying the circuits all around the car, including in the engines that were made with a hole to house the LEDs.

I also made a hole in the bottom to fit an ON/OFF switch button.

This is the car model entirely wired:

And this the very first test switching on the button... YU-HU! Didn't burn down the house! I used 3mm and 5mm LEDs, powered by a 9V battery.

Note also the dashboard detail...

"Pimp my car"

Here's the fancy photo set!

And the final pictures... TA-DAN!!!

So this is it... it was my very first attempt on building a plastic car model and wire it with LEDs! I know it's not the smoothest thing ever, but I guess it goes to the point. Any critics or suggestions are welcomed!

If you like what you see, got inspired or simply wanna help the project, please consider buying me a virtual beer on PayPal.


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    1. Thank you John, you can have this car by pledging our campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/piovesan/attack-of-the-cyber-octopuses

  2. Awesome!

    Greetings from Argentina!


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