Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Cyber Octopuses are ready to shoot!

Hello dear cyber followers and octo-backers!
Sorry if I haven’t updated you yet, but they have been a very very though and busy month, after an amazing Kickstarter campaign that got 133% of the goal and a month preparing everything for the movie! Lot of crafting, lot of organizing, lot of things to do! Now we are only 5 days ahead the shooting and it’s a very exciting moment!

First of all, let me thank the again the Kickstarter backers for making this dream a reality! The biggest challenge now is making a great movie with a relatively low budget. Consider also that about €500 of the Kickstarter funds didn’t make it (some expired or empty cards...). This mean our third goal is, in fact, not achieved, but I made the impossible to have some great props and easter eggs anyway! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. If anyway you are geneorus and want to help the project a bit more, you can consider a PayPal donation, HERE:   

Then, here some updates, photos and more! 

Well, the crafting haven’t started the best way, since I chopped away some millimiters of my finger! Nothing serious, but it was damn painful and for more than a week I couldn’t craft properly... This slowed down the process a lot!

Meanwhile I ordered from all over the world some amazing props and costumes, also thanks to some companies that loved the project and made a special deal.

Like who provides some amazing masks.

Or Timmy Hog for the gauntlet and armor and Illumi-Nation for the futuristic visor:

VRtifacts shipped me from US those vintage helmets:

And Gustav Ljungdal and me made this Tsukamoto style headset

This is a tribute to Blade Runner (they used the same Panasonic TV in that movie!)

And I guess you’ll also recognize this kind of umbrella...

A guy from Canada, Les Malcom, made a couple of stunning flying cars

And I’ve been crafting hard to make a bigger cooler city, also thanks to some MDF futuristic building provided by DarkOPS.

While a company from Spain, guided by Alex Tutusaus, printed a legion of Cyber Octopuses!

Supported also by my new 3D printers provided by Wanhao!

So yeah, many people from all over the world are helping this film a lot and now everthing is almost ready for the shooting!!! I will publish one more update in a couple of weeks, showing you some behind the scenes photos. The machine is moving forward, it’s unstoppable now!!!

If you want to be updated on an almost daily base, you can follow us on Facebook.

And please consider some extra donation on PayPal 

I’m kind of broke now... ehehe! :) 
Thanks again and speak you soon!!!



  1. I am so excited to see this project taking shape! I can't wait to see more!!

  2. Keep it coming. I'm heading to Germany for Weekend of Hell to promote all our projects including Attack of the cyber octopuses.

    /Jonas Wolcher

  3. I also am thrilled to find your blog and to watch your videos.
    thanks for your many tutorials!


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