Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AOTCO main shooting is done!

Dear backers, followers and cyber fans.
I’m proud to announce that last Thursday night we ended the first, biggest part of the shooting!! And so far we got amazing shots, as you can notice from the still frames I’ll post along this update (please note: those are 90% raw footage, just a minimal test grading were applied and the compositing is yet to be done).
Now left to shoot are just the outdoor scenes in Tokyo and few miniatures.

It has been a long and exhausting week: we truly did our best and even more to achieve a professional stunning looking film, to please our fans all around the world!
I’m not trying to show off when I say that we basically we made a 200k short film with 1/10th of the budget! Thanks to our amazing crew (many people worked for free!) our wonderful cast, and all the companies that helped us with the equipment (like CineUnit for the camera, HighVoltage for lights, BBrental for lens and Nordic Vision for the atmospheric effects) and also thanks to everybody’s willing and patience to work for very long shooting shifts: an average of 16 hours a day! We barely slept during the week of shooting... It was really exhausting! But at the end of each day, everybody was happy and satisfied for the great results.
Maybe I aimed too high, but I’m really proud of what we achieved together.

Overall, the long lasting shooting days meant also more food, more transport expenses and, unfortunately, some unlucky accidents: our sound recordist broke a couple of lavalier microphones, some small parts of the equipment got lost and a couple of scratches were made on the rented van, which we had to pay a big fine for! All of these things made our already super tight budget raise even more

So please, if you still believe in this project, it would mean the world for us if you decide to help us a little by considering a donation on PayPal following this link: Some of you already did it and we can’t thank you enough, but we are still quite far from covering all the extra expenses we had.  

Anyway, what matters the most, is that the biggest part of the shooting is done and we can’t wait to show what an incredible footage we have! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the final result. I’ll keep you posted with the next stages of the production and meanwhile remember that you can still follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter!

More things to come! And a big surprise for all of our fans is planned for early May!
So stay tuned!

Your cybernetically,


  1. I can surely see the hard work and the efforts you all have put in. Thanks for the article. The pictures are outstanding!


  2. I also am thrilled to find your blog and to watch your videos.
    Thank you, very good article (as always).