Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cyberpunk Nerf Custom Mod for Attack of the Cyber Octopuses short film - "Tina Plasma Gun"

Here I am with the "making of" of the third and last weapon for the three cyberspace detectives! (more info about the project on the official website or facebook page). Again it's a Nerf gun (Roughcut to be precise) with some modifications and paint.

I started as usual by sanding the whole rifle, taking away any logos or text.

Then the weapon was dismounted, masked and prepared for the primer coat.

Here's how it looks after a first layer of gray primer spray paint.

And after black paint...

I then masked away some parts to have metallic blue decorations.

Here the result...

Next step was dry brushing silver acrylic to make it look worn and scratched. As you could have noticed already, there's no fore-end on the final weapon. I preferred to get rid of it, I think it's more "cyber" and less mechanic without it!

Ready for the final touch...

And here's the final result!!!

And the set of three weapons all together!

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