Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cyberpunk Nerf Custom Mod for Attack of the Cyber Octopuses short film - "Maverick Plasma Gun"

Here the "making of" for another weapon of ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES film project.
Again it's a Nerf gun modded and painted. I wanted to keep the same style of the previous one 'cause they are both for the same team members. I like them minimalistic, not many colors, not many wires or LEDs (that, however, will be present in some of the next weapons). This one is actually for the leader of a cyberspace detectives team!

So let's start with some sanding and a bunch of tools!

Then I took apart the gun and masked the shooting mechanism.

And of course the first painting step is to cover the whole thing with gray primer (it's something I do a couple of times, this photo shows the first coat).

Then a couple of layers of matte black spray.

On the barrel too...

I then masked almost everything except some parts where I liked the blue metallic color.

Here's a coat of blue metallic (in this case just one layer was enough).

I sprayed blue also the barrel, then I dry painted everything with silver details, for a little "worn" and scratched effect. Here's how it looks like, compared to the previous gun.

And here the final fancy photos of the weapon!

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