Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kit-Bashed Futuristic City! "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses" film project.

Hello Guys! I'm keep working on my project "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses". It has been a very busy period while I was shooting a 1 minute teaser and worked hard on the city scaled model. I want to remind you that this is an indie no-budget project, I'm invesing myself lot of energy and some savings. If you like it, please consider buying me a virtual beer by donating just few bucks using the PayPal donation button that you can find around the blog or on the official website.

So well, I wanted to create a 1 meter tall building to have some cool shooting around it. I started collecting some junk around and I 3D printed some "frames".
Here's how the 3D printed parts look like:

I then cutted some cardboard to create cheap greeble parts.

Then I used foamboard panels and I started to glue on them lot of different things, mainly garbage!

This is how the 3D printed parts and some foamboard sheets look like, as well as with some stuff glued all around!

And some more stuff... (even a couple of deadorant rolls!)

The whole thing is very colorful at the moment! And looks somehow terrible... ehehe but after some gray primer... it starts to be cool and scifi!!! (yes, the guy on the right it's me)

I then started to give everything a darker and worn tint, mixing water with acrylic black paint and putting it all around using a small sponge.

Starts to be pretty cool, uh? I then paintedmore colors around... and attached some signboards printed on paper and some transparent sheets darkened out with smoke spray paint. Final touch was scattering around some toy cars!

It was then time to put some LEDs and in the squares holes I used an old mp3/mp4 player and an old smartphone to play videos!!!

Now that the main building is done, I made two secondary "towers". I made them more quickly since they'll be in the background and they're not so detailed as the main one.

Everything was ready for filming!!! But first, some vintage photos (yes, that's still me). I always loved the backstage photos of Blade Runner or Star Wars, and now I can proudly say that I made something similar!

Here some details of the finished model...

Here the whole set, with backlight, LEDs and lot of smoke...

And this if the final result!!! Incredible how it looks so professional, considering everything was made super cheap, filmed in my living room with a Canon 5D MII, using just 2 standard bulbs for the backlight and a €50 fog machine!

If you like what you see, got inspired or simply wanna help the project, please consider buying me a virtual beer on PayPal.
That's it. I hope you enjoyed this "making of" and remember to share it around, as well as the social media pages!


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  3. Very inspiring ! I have stated collecting parts to do a sci fi model on this theme and will be watching for some tips regards Steve