Wednesday, December 28, 2016

3D Printed Futuristic City Miniature. "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses" film project.

Here another part of the city. Actually is one of the 9 miniature blocks (30cm X 30cm each, aprox 40cm tall) that will compose the whole Neo-Berlin, the city where "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses" is set. So it's something different than the tallest building I posted some time ago and that will be used for more detailed shots.

The model is 90% 3D printed, plus some spare parts from other plastic models, LEDs and some minor add-ons. The first step was designing everything with a 3D software, in this case I used 3D Studio Max.

I then printed everything. It took about 10 days to print every buildings and the platforms, but it was worth it!

Look the details of the base. I've four of them, 15cm x 15cm each.

The four 15x15 bases were then glued to a thick cardboard.

Everything was painted in dark gray, then dry brushed with some silver acrylic color.

Here some of the main buildings.

And the city mounted all together.

To add more details to the whole scene I kit-bashed some of my old plastic models and glued small details here and there to the main buildings.

I then applied some semi-transparent yellow tape in the back of some apertures and glued everything together.

In one the main building I designed a hole to fit an old mp3/mp4 creative zen player, which display a vintage advertising from the 80s. This is the photo during the shooting of the film and an actual frame that will end up in the teaser. Pretty pro, uh?

And the final fancy picture!

That's it for now! All the main miniatures and models for the teaser/trailer are ready now. Soon I'll release some backstage photos of the shooting and of course the teaser itself! Be updated! And remember this is an indie project, any support is more than welcome!

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