Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Audi Quattro Cyberpunk Flying Car 1:24 model with LEDs - Attack of the Cyber Octopuses film project

Hello guys! One more flying car for Attack of the Cyber Octopuses film project, where everything will be done using Practical Effects, without using CGI (except for compositing and for retro graphics). For this vehicle I don't have many photos, but the procedure was similar to the VOLKSWAGEN GOLF or the MAZDA SAVANNA. I only used car from the 80s with a cool/futuristic design to fit this awesome project!
The only difference between the Audi and the other ones, is that this time I used a diecast model instead of a plastic one kit. Hardest par was to take it apart and drill the holes for the LEDs.... but here the steps!

This is how the car looks like out of the box and ready to be destroyed!

First coat of black paint... yeah, everything is pretty dark in Neo-Berlin 2079 AD.

Again, I didn't wanted a contemporary metallic glossy effect, but a matte, dirty and worn one! So I used silver acrylic to mess everything a bit and also black one on the gray plastic parts, for the same effect.

As always, wiring the LEDs it's a big challenge, especially on a diecast model, but it's working!

And here the final fancy pictures!

Soon you'll see those vehicles flying around a futuristic city on a 1 minute teaser of the film that we'll release in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned on the facebook pageinstagram or twitter... and please remember to share it around!

Also consider to make a small donation using the PayPal button, just a couple of bucks can helps us carrying on... THANKS! Be in touch for the next model!


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  3. You have done a wonderful work. Creating a flying car from diecast car is not an easy task to accomplish. You did it brilliantly. I will look forward to your film release.

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